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Quick Details

Pizza & Pop | Adult and Senior Ages 13+
Pizza & Pop | Child Ages 3-12
Wine & Cheese | Adult and Senior Ages 21+


Celebrate the new year on the train! On December 31st, the train departs the Nelsonville Depot at 10:30 p.m. and travels to East Logan and returns. On the return trip, the train stops near the stroke of midnight and everyone is treated to a great fireworks display to help ring in the new year!

Two seating sections are available: “Pizza & Pop” and “Wine & Cheese.” Only those over age 21 are permitted in the Wine & Cheese section. Our family-friendly Pizza & Pop is open to all ages. During the ride, depending on your seating choice, you will be served either pizza (cheese pizza or pepperoni) and soda pop (diet versions and water also available upon request) or wine and cheese.

You may not bring alcohol on board but you are welcome to bring other food and soft drinks as you’d like. Each coach is heated. You cannot move from car to car or section to section during the train ride.

You also cannot leave children under age 18 unattended in Pizza & Pop section. Reservations are online or by phone.