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Fall Foliage with RiverOur train is made up of historic equipment ranging from 1917 to the 1960s. We have traditional enclosed coaches, one is air-conditioned in the summer and all are heated in the winter. Additionally, there are two open-air cars that were converted from historic freight cars. The open-air cars each have a roof over them, so the sun isn’t too much of an issue. Since this is a full-size train, bear in mind that the noise is much greater outside in the open-air cars than inside the coaches. The open-air cars do provide the best opportunity to see the historic sites and the farmland and foothills of the Hocking River Valley.

The train traverses a portion of a 145-year-old route that once linked Southern Ohio with Columbus and Lake Erie. Along the way, depending on the train, there is the opportunity to see an old canal lock from the Hocking Canal, the remains of the Nelsonville Brick Company, the original depot at Haydenville, and more. Plus you’ll have the opportunity to see some of the remaining active industry in the area, including gravel mining operations and a company that is a part of the timber industry. Please bear in mind also that the route we operate over predates everything around; we have no control over adjacent properties.

passengers in coachThe equipment includes a combination baggage-passenger car (with working coal stove in the winter; no A/C) built for a Baltimore & Ohio predecessor in 1917; three commuter coaches built around 1923 and 1927 for the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific (heated in winter; no A/C); a day coach built in the 1930s for the Baltimore & Ohio (car has A/C and heat); and two converted freight cars used as open-air passenger cars.

The train does rock from side to side, enough that we ask passengers to remain in their seats while the train in motion. Also, as the coaches we use were built primarily for commuter train service around Chicago, they were not equipped with restrooms. So please remember to use the restrooms at the depot before the train gets underway.

ohio Each train ride is typically about two-hours long. All are round trip rides back to the Nelsonville Depot unless otherwise noted. Also, unless otherwise noted, the only stops the train makes along the way include a short stop to prepare the train for the trip back to the depot (exiting the train is not permitted during this stop). Kids of all ages have enjoyed the train, but you’ll ultimately have to make the call on whether your child will be okay on a train for two hours.

While food and drinks are not available on the train, you are more than welcome to bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks on board (whether from home or restaurants nearby)! Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes is not permitted onboard at any time.

Groups of 20 or more are also welcome and discounts apply (discount not available on special event trains). If you have a birthday party, wedding, reunion, corporate outing, school field trip or other event planned, consider booking an entire coach or chartering a train on your own special day and time (subject to availability). Click here for details!