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Robbins Crossing Historical Village


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Most of our regular season trips offer a 30-45-minute layover at Robbins Crossing Historical Village toward the end of the ride. Located east of our Depot at Hocking College, Robbins Crossing Historical Village is a re-created village representing life in Southeast Ohio from 1830 until 1880. Most of the authentic log cabins have been moved from their original locations to the current site. The folks there are dressed in period clothing and are students, staff and community volunteers.                                                                                                           

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Things that can be seen at Robbins may include (subject to availability) blacksmithing, crafts, cooking on a wood stove, and kettle corn (quite delicious kettle corn at that). In addition, the Nature Center (also subject to availability) is located beside Robbins Crossing and is home to numerous native species. Portable restrooms are also available at Robbins.

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Disclaimer: Robbins Crossing is not a part of the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway is instead a part of Hocking College. Our trains may not stop there if a music festival or other event is happening on campus. Also, our Weekday Foliage Trains will not include a stop at the village.