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Image of No. 5833

GP7 No. 5833 (Ex-C&O) 
Status - active

Built for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway in October 1952 by the Electro-motive Division of GM. In the 1970s, it, along with a few other C&O "Geeps," were transferred to the Chicago, South Shore & South Bend Railroad (re-numbered "1508") for use in the C&O subsidiary's freight service. In 1982, it was sent back to the C&O for disposition, eventually being purchased by the HVSR in 1986. Restored to 1952 as-delivered paint scheme in 1991.

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Image of 701

GP10 No. 701 (Ex-ICG No. 8307)  
Status - active

Originally built by EMD for Illinois Central in December 1957 as GP9 No. 9307, it was rebuilt in January 1974 at Illinois Central Gulf's Paducah, Kentucky, shops and renumbered 8307. It was later sold to Mid-South Railroad as No. 1031. Before coming to the HVSR in September 2003, it went through two other ownership changes and one more renumbering, including Southern Pacific Construction Services and Ohio Central.

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RS4TC No. 4005 image

RS4TC No. 4005 (Ex-USA)  
Status - active

The 4005 was built for the United States Department of Defense in 1954 by the Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corporation. It was assigned to the Air Force. We acquired it in 1996 and repainted into it's current blue paint in 1999.

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7318 image

45-tonner No. 7318 (Ex-USA) 
Status - inactive

Built in 1948 for the United States Department of Defense. Acquired in 1982, it was the first diesel acquired by the Hocking Valley Scenic. The 7318 was repainted in late July 2003 and now sports a coat of blue paint with yellow lettering.

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8122 image 65DE19a No. 8122 (Ex-USA 8465) Status - active

This 65DE19a was built by Whitcomb Locomotive Co. in 1944 to serve in Italy during the latter part of World War II. It was acquired in 2001 from Cargill. Completely rebuilt by a mostly volunteer crew, lead by John Riddle, between 2003 and 2004, the 8122 emerged from the shop in early 2005 in a fresh coat of blue paint with full HVSR yellow lettering.

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0-6-0 image 0-6-0 No. 3 (Ex-OPC)  
Status - restoration

No. 3 was built in 1920 by Baldwin Locomotive Works for Ohio Power Company, which later became part of American Electric Power (AEP). No. 3 and steam locomotive No. 2 were donated to the railway by AEP in the late 1980s. No. 3 is currently being restored in the Nelsonville engine house, the project led by Rob and Bob Baughman. The cost to fully restore it is estimated at $70,000.  For updates on the restoration effort, like No. 3's Facebook page!

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0-4-0 image 0-4-0 No. 2 (Ex-OPC) Status - inactive

Built by Porter for the Ohio Power Company. This locomotive is unique in that it does not have a firebox like most steam locomotives. The steam was pumped into the locomotive and can be compared to recharging a battery. Nicknames include "fireless cookers" and "thermos bottles." This type of steam locomotive was suited for chemical plants where a fire would be very dangerous. The No. 2 was donated to the HVSR by AEP, along with No. 3, in the 1980s.

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